CSP Stuck Choke Tube Removal Tool

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Removes severely stuck tubes without damage to choke or barrel. Rod fits through barrel; heavy spring pressure clamps head into tube notches. Hex-end head lets you use a wrench for lots of leverage to easily unscrew the tube. Adjustable, works with any length barrel -- four interchangeable heads.
  • #1 Head Fits Invector, REM-Choke, WIN-Choke, Valmet, Ruger, Bernadelli, Zoli, SKB, 4-Notch
  • #2 Head Fits Colonial Tru Tube, Weatherby, SKB 2-Notch, Mossberg, Perazzi Flush Tubes
  • #3 Head Fits Beretta and Benelli
  • #4 Head Fits Briley Thinwall
Material: Steel
Two Parts: .375"
Rod Length: 38"

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